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Playamigo - the portable ground chair that carries your stuff

Playamigo - the portable ground chair that carries your stuff

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Playamigo combines seating and storage for people who love relaxing outdoors but don’t love hauling lots of cumbersome gear to get there. Its internal frame provides support you as you recline, but it’s still sleek, lightweight and comfortable to carry.

Playamigo has a large interior compartment, several pockets and elastic straps to hold everything for your outing.

The wide, comfortable strap is removable and adjustable so you can carry Playamigo over your shoulder, across your body or as a backpack.

Playamigo comes with a fold-out mat stored in its bottom pocket. The mat offers some ground cover and keeps the chair steady in the upright position, and it can serve as a head or neck cushion in the reclined position, and it’s removable for easy cleaning.

Playamigo is collapsible to stores when not in use or to pack in a suitcase for a trip!

The name Playamigo is a combination of the Spanish words for ‘beach’ and ‘friend.’ But Playamigo isn’t just for the beach – it can be enjoyed in many outdoor activities: picnics in the park, working on campus, watching sports, enjoying outdoor performances. Get yours today and get busy relaxing! 

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Customer Reviews

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Starla Fortunato
Perfect Hiking & Beach Companion

Genius and so easy to hike with. The Play Amigo adds such ease to our final resting spot on our hikes. It’s well made and durable too.

Kathy Williams
So easy to carry

This product is easy to carry (several ways) and so convenient for those of us who just want to lie on the ground or beach.

This new product really save my back when going to the park

We use our Playamigo's when we go to the park for concerts or a picnic. They work great to have something to lean against and stay upright. They are also very useful with the storage space for snacks, drinks, supplies.


So handy for outdoor activities

I use my Playamigo for so many San Diego outdoor activities. I keep it stocked with my sunscreen and add my food and drinks for the day. It's easy to carry and comfortable for kicking back just about anywhere.

Patricia McCarty
Ideal for festivals

I’ve been using my Playamigo at all the St. Louis music festivals this summer. Great for packing up and carrying in everything needed to enjoy the shows. It might just be me, but I think Ive gotten quite a few envious looks, too.