What colors does it come in?

Playamigo is one of the best backpack chairs you can buy. It’s currently offered in three colors: agua (turquoise), mandarina (orange) and marina (navy blue).

How much does it weigh?

Playamigo is a lightweight portable chair that weighs under 5 pounds (under 2.27 kg) including the frame, shell, strap and mat.

What are its measurements?

Playamigo is 17” tall, 18” wide and 10” deep (43.2 cm x 45.7 cm x 25.4 cm).

How do I set it up/collapse it?

Playamigo’s frame sets up in under 15 seconds and in three simple steps:

  • Arrange the three frame sections into a triangle
  • Press the edge of the bottom section of the frame firmly against the edge of the back section of the frame
  • Secure the bottom angles of the frame with the fabric hook-and-loop coverings.

To collapse it, just reverse those steps, then simply lift the bottom section of the metal frame up toward the front section, pull the back section toward the front, and push down to flatten.

Is it comfortable to carry and sit on?

At just under 5 pounds, Playamigo is incredibly lightweight, and its streamlined size means it’s not bulky. The wide, cushioned strap is designed to provide the ultimate comfort when carrying Playamigo.

Please note Playamigo’s interior frame is not padded, and the outer shell is not upholstered, so it’s not a cushy easy chair you sit on. Its shape and frame create a wedge to prop you up in one of three different positions depending on your activity and your mood. Think of Playamigo as a friend you can lean on.

 If you prefer a bit more padding while you sit on the ground, Playamigo’s cargo hold has plenty of space to carry your own cushion plus whatever else you want to take along on your outing.

The onboard sitting mat provides ground cover and prevents the Playamigo from sliding when used in an upright position. And, if you like, the mat also can be rolled up to provide a comfy rest for your head or neck when in the reclined position.

Is it waterproof?

Playamigo isn’t totally waterproof, but its fabric is water-resistant. So it’s fine to have it at a beach, lake or a pool, but don’t take it swimming. If it gets really wet, empty out all the contents and pull out the mat. Dry the inside as thoroughly as possible with a towel, then set in a warm, dry spot and wait for it to dry out. Re-insert the mat into the pocket after it’s dry.

Will it fade in the sun?

Nope. Playamigo’s durable fabric is naturally resistant to the sun’s rays. It should keep its vibrant color for years to come.

Is the frame rust proof?

The frame has a rust-resistant coating that helps prevent rust, but it’s not 100% rust proof. Playamigo isn’t made to be kept outdoors or in damp areas for the long term. Treat it as you would treat any valued piece of outdoor equipment. With proper care, it will serve you for years!

Will it hold a laptop?

You bet! The slim, padded sleeve on the back of Playamigo is a great spot to slide in a laptop, tablet or reading material. However, bear in mind, Playamigo was designed to be a beach chair backpack, not a protective case for your electronics or other valuables, so please take proper care when transporting your things!

Can it be used as a cooler?

No, sorry. Playamigo isn’t designed to keep food or beverages cool. However, the large interior storage space has plenty of room to place a small insulated cooler, so you don’t have to carry one separately!

How do I clean it?

We recommend spot cleaning Playamigo with a damp cloth and a small amount of a mild detergent, then let air dry. The sitting mat is removable to allow you to easily shake off sand, grass or other debris that might stick to it in use. We also recommend spot cleaning the mat as necessary.

Is the mat cushioned?

The mat has a small amount of padding sewn in, but it isn’t a cushion. Its primary function is to serve as ground cover and a way to keep Playamigo in place when used in the upright position. If you’re using Playamigo in a spot where your bum needs a bit more cushion, you can fold the mat into thirds to create more padding, and of course there’s room inside to pack a separate cushion along with you if you like.

What are the measurements of the mat?

The part of the mat you sit on measures 30” (76.2 cm) x 16.5” (41.9 cm).

Where is Playamigo made?

The idea for Playamigo was conceived in Mexico when the creator couldn’t find a simple, stylish, lightweight beach chair with backpack straps. It was designed in the USA, and it is manufactured in Shenzhen, China. Our designer highly recommended this manufacturer because they have the sophisticated equipment necessary to build this type of gear, ready access to the many materials required, and a skilled workforce to produce the high quality we expect.

How do I know how much shipping will cost?

Shipping within the continental United States is free. If you want your order delivered anywhere else, your shipping costs including any applicable IVA or importation fees will be described on your order confirmation page before you check out.

Do you offer refunds or returns?

In the unlikely event that you receive an incorrect or damaged item, please to contact us at hello@theplayamigo.com to arrange a return and replacement.

How can I contact someone from Playamigo?

For any questions, shipping issues or suggestions, please contact us at hello@theplayamigo.com.


Can I make a wholesale order to sell in my shop?

Please contact us at hello@theplayamigo.com to advise of the number of units you wish to order and discuss payment, shipping, colors and other details.